Tuesday, June 12, 2012

White Pizza

It's Tuesday so that means our vice, pizza from Scott's Fire and Ice food truck. On this day, we tried their white pizza with mozzarella and tomatoes. 

365-344 Fire Ice White Pizza
Day 344/365

White pizza probably sounds boring -- where are all the meat and vegetables? If only more pizzerias around here could be half as skilled. This simple pizza was far from bland with just the right amount of seasonings, toppings, and salt. The mozzarella added a substantial heft and flavor, and the tomatoes provided a delicate sweetness. As usual, the crust was crisp initially, followed by some chew.

365-344 Fire Ice White Pizza Under
Day 344/365

This may be a bit too charred for some people. For me, perfection would be slightly less charred, between this and the margherita pizza we ate in May. The burn was not through and through, so it wasn't like eating charcoal briquettes. As such, Bug and I didn't leave anything behind, not even a crumb for the ants to grapple over.

We haven't tried the arugula and prosciutto pizza, so that is next on our list unless there is a specialty pizza. One could have worse vices, right?

- Cassaendra

Scott's Fire and Ice (food truck)

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