Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warehouse + Local

Bug made a wonderful salad, fusing vegetables we regularly purchase at Costco and our bag from Fresh Fork Market (FFM). One can't really survive, rather we can't afford to survive, on either solely.

365-345 Salad
Day 345/365

From Costco:
red peppers

From FFM:

The price and quality of Costco is difficult to beat. A bundle of 3 large and delicious English cucumbers, a container of nearly 2 lb of rather large fresh mushrooms, and a package of 6-8 bright, sweet red peppers all for $11 is remarkable.

This was our first time using kohlrabi. Raw, in this salad, it tasted much like the core of a cabbage. I don't hate it, but I don't feel the need to drive around town to buy another. We have half a bulb left, which we will cook.  

The lettuce was very crisp. I can't recall when I've had lettuce quite this crisp, especially after sitting in our bipolar refrigerator for several days -- randomly freezing and thawing. The radishes had completely frozen then defrosted by the time we ate them in this salad. I'm sure they were a good, crisp bunch before they froze. The lettuce managed to dodge the frost.

A simple dressing of olive oil with black pepper and sea salt was all that was needed for this quite filling and fantastically put together salad.

- Cassaendra

Fresh Fork Market

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