Saturday, February 7, 2009


A few nights ago, we stopped in at Corky and Lenny's for some deli grub. Upon entering the restaurant, we noticed a flyer on the front door advertising their meat knishes for $1.75 each.

Amazingly, service was awesome. Most of the time the service sucks moose...antlers. The attitude "comes with the territory" (being a deli) is a pretty lame excuse.

Bug and I did a role reversal this time. Bug usually orders the corned beef and latkes, while I order a corned beef sandwich. We also ordered 2 meat knishes.

The latkes were salty so I could only eat 1/4th of it and took the rest home. Bug ate it for lunch the next day, since I didn't want it. Of course, I complain about how salty the sandwich is and have no problem chomping on several spears of their complimentary trays of kosher dill pickles made by the restaurant. Those pickles could suck the moisture off sand in a desert at high noon. I'll miss those pickles when we move...

When we got our meat knishes with gravy, they were big round balls. This confused me a wee bit because I remembered years ago that I got knishes shaped closer to a disc. The meat was nowhere to be found, just lots of mashed potato, so I just wrote it off as the restaurant being stingy having mixed a paltry speck of ground beef per knish. Bug still feels that we got the potato knish and were charged the meat knish price. I commented to Bug that this was the worst tasting knish I have ever had. In addition, the center of mine was still cool.

As we finished our meal, I noticed deep fried pickles for $4.95 written on a hanging whiteboard. Since we can no longer get Pickle-Os from Sonic, or anywhere made the way Sonic made them 10+ years ago, I ordered it to go.

Deep fried pickles

The pickles didn't taste like Corky & Lenny's pickles, but more like jarred commercial pickles, so that was disappointing for me. Bug didn't say a word, so I'm thinking that the breading wasn't exactly what he wanted, plus they were spears and not rounds.

A glance over our check showed that our knishes cost $7. WTF? I inquired with the cashier and she explained that because we ate them dining in, it cost $3.50 each to pay for someone to heat them up and serve them to us. Of course, our deep fried pickles were the same price as the dine-in price. This left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

I made the remark to Bug about the knishes being the worst tasting knishes I have ever had before I saw how much they charged us for it. Having to pay double made me want to vomit.

I'm not even sure why I pointed out to the cashier that she missed the bottled soda that we picked up while we were in line waiting to pay for our check.

Bug was quite annoyed with the situation, so I'm not sure when we'll return. He made a comment about finding another deli.

It's been several days and I still feel ripped off...

- Cassaendra

Corky & Lenny's
27091 Chagrin Blvd
Beachwood, OH 44122
Tel: (216) 464-3838

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