Monday, June 18, 2012

Nacho Tacos

Bug has been excited about this dinner for some time now using items from our first and second CSA bounty: pasture raised chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and chorizo from Newswanger Meats from Shiloh, Ohio, ~1-1/2 hours southwest of Cleveland, just north of Mansfield.

I was woken up Sunday morning by Bug asking me if I would like to take Akemi out for a walk so he could start roasting the chicken early. What? I lifted my head to look at the time, then to him in glazed bewilderment to see if he was actually standing beside me, stumbled to the bathroom, complained about some things, then stomped back after I realized it was 05:30. He walked Akemi alone.

365-350 Chicken Chorizo Tacos
Day 350/365

After the roasted chicken was cooked, Bug dismantled it into two containers, separating white and dark meat. I love dark meat, he prefers white.

For tacos, Bug further seasoned the chicken with black pepper, sea salt, garlic, and onions. I could have eaten a bowl of that chicken as is. The taco to the left includes the chicken, lettuce, and salsa made with tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. The taco to the right is even simpler -- chorizo and queso blanco. Our taco shells were from Trader Joe, which were too thick for my preference and dry.

Nachos were made with some of the leftover chorizo, queso blanco, more of the salsa Bug made up, and corn chips. The chorizo is one of the best I've had. It was salty, nicely spiced for "medium" heat, and smoky. This would have been great to eat over rice, too.

365-350 Nachos
Day 350/365

Bug also made a few flautas, which were gobbled up within a few minutes. His meal included all the cilantro. The FFM parcel was put together very well.

- Cassaendra

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