Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Occasionally, I have wished Google, or something similar, was always available instantaneously. More than it is now? We have maps, images, search engines, image matching, apps, tablets, and wi-fi. Perhaps the "more" could only be fulfilled as a cyborg.

365-351 Purple Fuzz
Day 351/365

Search results are only as good as their descriptions. "Fuzzy pink (purple, magenta) flower (bloom)" and one receives hairy flowers rivaling Cousin It, sweaters, hats, and dogs. Of the images with flowers, none resembled what I was looking for; garbage in, garbage out. 

Ah, the leaves! With the addition of "serrated leaves, pink pistil" and removing "fuzzy," I scanned through several pages of images until my eyes came across an image linked with spiraea nipponica. The familiar pink blossom flourished before my eyes when I searched "spiraea pink." I verified this on various sites; garbage in, gospel out. 

Apparently, it is a rather popular flower so there are many designer hybrids. My eyes glazed over when I noticed what appeared to be jillions, to use one of my professor's favorite terms, of varieties of spiraea. Thirty minutes later: well, the flower looks more like one type, except this one little thing, and the leaves look more like another type...

- Cassaendra

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