Thursday, June 14, 2012


A proud Cleveland Indians fan!

365-346 Play Ball
Day 346/365

I've always wanted to put the Union 76 (gasoline) or a Jack in the Box character (fast food chain) on my antenna ever since I was a wee kid. I still do! When I finally got ahold of both, I didn't want either to get stolen so I kept them in the house. I have no idea where they are now...

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 20 June, 2012 18:36  

You sound like me. Don't want them to get stolen so don't put them on the car and they sit in a drawer somewhere. Defeats the purpose. Sigh.

Cassaendra 25 June, 2012 23:16  

Haha, hooray! (I don't feel alone :) I do this with stationary, too. Certain plates, utensils, ... Hmm.

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