Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fire and Ice

Last week, a trailer with a pizza oven tickled my curiosity. We only had $6, which wasn't enough money to buy pizza. This week, however, we came prepared. Listed on Scott's Fire and Ice Catering's board: cheese, margherita, and prosciutto + arugala pizzas, as well as salted caramel gelato. Get it? Fire and ice?

A woman ahead of us ordered what I thought was prosciutto and arugala pizza. [In a flat football announcer's voice] After further review...this does not look like proscuitto and arugala. I must have forgotten another pizza offering. 4th down.

I watched as the dough was pressed flat and the toppings were carefully laid. Several minutes later, a pizza peel carried the colorful pie into a flaming wood burning oven. I was mesmerized by the beautiful flame fluttering beyond the mouth, and asked if it would be possible to get a picture of a pizza cooking.

365-310 Fire Ice Pizza Oven
Day 310/365 - Pizza oven

My request was kindly obliged, with the pizza about one-fourth into its cooking time. I took a few pictures and wished I had one in our yard. Scott's Fire and Ice Catering has had their wood burning oven for 10 months.

Bug and I were chatting about all the dogs roaming around us, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the giant gyro from Mad Mouth Gyro that walked by, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone quickly walking toward us. When I focused on the figure, it was our pizzaiolo and our beautiful pizza approaching.

365-310 Fire Ice Margherita Pizza
Day 310/365 - Margherita

The crust was faintly sweet and of ideal thickness (thinness would be more accurate) -- thick enough to hold all the fresh ingredients and thin enough that it didn't seem like dough was all I was eating. It had a slight textured crunch and nice chew. While I would have preferred a bit more char, this was a fantastic crust. I ate every bit of my pizza, edge to edge, which is saying a lot since I normally chuck the bones. The tomato sauce was enough to moisten and augment the crust without drowning the toppings, not gut burning slathered goo.

365-310 Fire Ice Pizza Upskirt
Day 310/365 - Upskirt

I look forward to trying another Fire and Ice pizza! I'll also try their gelato.

- Cassaendra

Scott's Fire and Ice Catering
130 West Streetsboro St
Hudson, OH 44236
Tel: (330) 329-8065

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