Monday, June 25, 2012

Pea Shoots and Leaves

Just playing with my food...

365-357 Pea Shoots Leaves
Day 357/365

I haven't quite developed a taste or care for the texture for pea shoots raw, but really enjoy them in soup and cooked with other vegetables. The spirals are really pretty but can get caught in my throat because I can't chew them well enough to break them down without either being swallowed in a wiry clump, reminding me of my wiry hair caught in a drain, or strands being partly caught in my throat.

365-357 Pea Shoots Leaves Muted
Day 357/365

Even as I choke on them occasionally, I look forward to eating pea shoots each year in my ramen or Japanese mushroom soup. Now if I could get mizuna out here...

- Cassaendra

Fresh Fork Market

2 deep thoughts:

Mia 30 June, 2012 17:40  

That first picture is amazing - what a vibrant green! They really are pretty.

I feel the same way as you about the pea shoots. I got them from Fresh Fork Market the first week of the season, and raw is not my favorite way to eat it. I ended up sauteing it in olive oil and garlic (you can't go wrong with olive oil and garlic in my book!).

Cassaendra 01 July, 2012 18:15  

Hello Mia,

Thank you!

I'll have to try out the pea shoots as you suggested; although, it'll probably have to be next year! Thanks.

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