Friday, June 22, 2012

Beggin' Bits

Friday usually means a trip to Churned for ice cream. The maple bacon ice cream was calling out to me in a grabbing-my-shoulders-and-shaking-me sort of manner, but in a good way. For my second flavor of their single scoop serving ($3.25), I was torn between Capn Crunch [cereal], burnt chocolate, or strawberry rhubarb.

Capn Crunch (bottom scoop) was a fun treat. The ice cream tastes like sweet cream with whole Capn Crunch cereal folded in, not sprinkled atop as an afterthought or crushed into nonexistence. The texture of the frozen cereal is funky at first, firm and cold, but once the ice cream softens, the texture of the cereal softens and is fine thereafter. Please note, I am a fan of letting my cereal soak in milk for a minute before eating it.

365-354 Capn Maple Bacon Crunch
Day 354/365

Maple bacon ice cream is one of our favorites. The ice cream has a sweet and smoky flavor with chunks of bacon inside. I don't think I've taken a normal sized bite and not had a bacon piece to munch on.

Akemi figured out half way through the cone that I was not going to give her any, so she stopped looking at me pleadingly and turned her attention to more interesting things like squirrels nibbling on nuts, kids trying to eat their ice cream as neatly as possible (hah!), and dogs following kids licking ice cream drops.

365-354 Akemi Shadow Profile
Day 354/365

The weather forecast for next Friday is predicted to be a scorcher. Hopefully it won't be another heatwave like we experienced the past few days. I'm sure ice cream parlors would welcome high temperatures.

- Cassaendra

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Cleveland, OH 44113

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 26 June, 2012 19:14  

Yum. You now have me craving Cap'n Crunch Ice Cream. And of course the Maple Bacon but I figured that was a given.

Cassaendra 30 June, 2012 14:39  

Hiya Mrs. L,

I could eat the maple bacon every day. Bug really enjoyed the garlic + roasted grape ice cream, strawberry rhubarb ice cream, and obviously the maple bacon. (Sorry to sound so repetitive, I didn't want it to see like it was garlic, roasted grape, strawberry, rhubarb ice cream...)

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