Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Snow

We haven't finished some of our vegetables and chicken from last week. It's time again for another bag of goodies from Fresh Fork Market (FFM). The more perishable vegetables that we received were consumed.

The strawberries were not used in a cake. They were quickly snacked on during drive-by visits to the kitchen. The last handful was part of a lovely velvety smoothie mixed with blueberries for dessert. On a different night, Bug made a filling and nutritious smoothie for dinner made with the kale, collard greens, radishes from our bag, as well as some leftover broccoli, tomatoes, pear, kiwi, oranges, chia and flax seeds, and plain soy milk from Costco. The combination sounds hideous, but the fruits really stood out, while vegetables were hardly noticeable.

Bug felt the garlic ramps we received were a bit awkward to eat raw, so he'll probably chop them up and try to cook them in a dish. He hasn't commented about the pea shoots, but he hasn't touched them since he tried them raw in a salad.

365-348 Tomato Peas
Day 348/365

This week, Bug will be making a Mexican feast with the pound of chorizo and tomatoes we received this week, along with the whole pasture-raised chicken from last week. In anticipation of this bag, we bought some fresh corn tortillas. The cilantro and green onions are all his. Since the black turtle beans are dried, he'll probably use them some time in the future, perhaps in a soup.

The white-stem and baby bok choy and snow peas will probably be used in a stir fry later in the week, along with the remaining pea shoots from last week - if I don't use them in a bowl of ramen!

It has only been our 2nd week, but receiving new vegetables has been a fun challenge. We aren't receiving 10 lb of one item, so it hasn't been oppressive, but quite a delight.

- Cassaendra

Fresh Fork Market

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