Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flower Power

With temperatures in the upper 90s (°F) and dewpoint in the 70s, walking around outside felt like we were swimming in lava singing our nose hair with each inhale. The dog's tongue was already dragging along the ground before she walked outside. Of course, it doesn't help that our place is usually 10° warmer and more humid than the outside temperature and humidity during the non-winter months. 

365-360 Pink Flower
Day 360/365

Partway into our walk, I felt a few stray globules of moisture hit my face. It didn't even amount to a drizzle. Did I imagine this? The sidewalk didn't show any evidence of rain. With the heat, however, the rain probably vaporized before it hit the concrete. 

365-360 Little Pink
Day 360/365

As I took photographs of flowers that seemed to thrive in this tropical heat, at least they looked a lot better than I felt, I noticed evidence of droplets here and there. The rain wasn't my imagination. Yes!

I suppose it could be worse. To put this into perspective, the Midwest, e.g., Kansas, Oklahoma, are experiencing temperatures in the 100s for nearly 2 weeks straight. However, I must add that their humidity is sitting at 30-40%; whereas, we're sitting in the 60+%ile range. I'm sympathetic to the soaring temperatures in the Midwest, but high humidity even at cooler temperatures is oppressive.  

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mia 30 June, 2012 17:41  

Your flowers look amazing! Wish I could have a garden... alas, I only have a balcony...

Cassaendra 01 July, 2012 09:42  

Hi Mia~

I wish I could claim these are ours. They were flowers along our path while walking our dog. While we do have a yard, it's not *ours* to do as we wish...

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