Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Atrocity Exhibition

Tonight may be the first time I'll be raiding in Karazhan with my guild on Maelstrom! I've been level 70 for about a week now and my gear is quite horrible. I shouldn't be making excuses, but here goes. I have worked through 70 levels as a feral druid (cat - MEOW) with the goal of becoming a healing druid end-game. My *cough* über-est gear is feral, where the quest leftovers that didn't have anything to contribute to my leveling (feral) are where I obtained my healing gear.

I need to clarify that my feral gear is REALLY bad. Needless to say (but I will anyway), my healing gear is quite atrocious.

Despite having been to Kara on my old server, I've always felt fairly confident about healing and my gear since Vetiver 1.0 has always been resto. With Vet 2.0, I still don't know where my heal buttons are, since I've only been resto for about a week, and in that week, I was forced to respec twice to tank just to get a group going. Once, I meant to heal someone quickly and ended up giving them mana regeneration (innervate). Be very afraid...

Also, when I raided regularly, it was under a different user interface. *mourn* Flexbar

My old UI, Flexbar, was 100% customized for ME by ME. I plotted where every single button went, when I wanted it to appear, how large, and so on. The current one (CTMod) is better than the default UI, but pretty close to it. I've tried Trinity as my UI, but it stopped working too. Still not as flexible as Flexbar.

I realize this post has nothing to do with the Ballard book, but that was the first thing that came to mind for a title (thanks to Joy Division). My titles are typically nonsensical anyway...

- Cassaendra

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Showtime!

WoW update -- Bug hit 70 yesterday. I'm still lagging behind at 55.

With all the new tv shows that sprouted last week, I didn't have time to be toiling on a computer. So I spent my time watching new shows and new seasons of old shows.

I forgot the time and missed a few shows like "CSI" (Las Vegas), "NCIS," and "Shark."

The show that I was impressed with was "Life" (Wednesdays, NBC). The main character is a cop, Charlie Crews, who was placed in a maximum security prison for 12 years for a crime he did not commit. Of course, being a cop in jail meant he was brutalized - this was shown briefly. As part of his settlement, aside from an undisclosed amount which is probably in the 10s of millions, he returns to the police force as a detective.

He is partnered with a woman who is riding the line (in more ways than one). She is being pressured from above to find any way to get Crews ousted from the force.

When people ask him about his time spent in prison, whether he harbors any resentment, he takes the zen approach. At the end of the pilot, they show a glimpse of him trying to piece together who could be responsible for setting him up to take the fall.

"Journeyman" and "Bionic Woman" were two other new shows. They are both okay, but I didn't immediately feel that I needed to religiously follow up. They both have potential to be nifty shows.

"Journeyman" is about a guy who has sudden episodes that send him traveling briefly back into time. He draws the conclusion that he needs to help the person he comes into contact with...yep, it sounds like "Quantum Leap."

He also sees his old flame (who died a few years back) in his travels. What makes this pretty intriguing is that in his trips back, he bumps into her outside of their apartment moving in "present" time.

"Heroes" is something I caught on the last or second to last episode of its first season. I never had the time to catch it because I was always too busy on WoW. It's kind of like X-Men of all shapes and sizes, including the intertwining corporate and political agendas. Our heroes have been pushed underground to hide from the Corporation, from what I can piece together. George Takei played Hiro's father until his character died.

- Cassaendra

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