Friday, June 1, 2012


Despite the persisting cool rain since last night, there was a steady stream of customers while we were there early this evening for the much anticipated opening of Churned, Tremont's newest ice cream shop brought to you by our favorite cupcake divas, Wendy and Syndee of A Cookie and a Cupcake.

365-333 Churned Double
Day 333/365

My expectations for delicious and creative ice cream combinations were high based on their fabulous, always imaginative and scrumptious cupcakes. I was not disappointed.

Since I could not decide on a flavor, I cheated and picked out four. A single serving ($3.25) consists of two scoops so I created a sampler out of a double serving ($4.75) -- browned butter with lavender brittle, strawberry rhubarb crumble, dark chocolate with passion fruit and burnt caramel, and rosemary garlic with grapes.

Yes, garlic. While I'm not a fan of garlic, this was tasty in the same vein as durian shakes, a rather unique tasting sweet treat. Bug loved the sweet roasted garlic essence. Browned butter was smokey-smooth with sweet brittle bits that kids will go nuts over if they like butter pecan. Strawberry rhubarb was sweet and slightly tart, even better than pie. Dark chocolate was magnificently masculine due to its moderate bitterness, that same snap you expect from extra dark chocolate. The fruit and caramel round the edges.

Overall, the texture of the ice cream flavors we tried was thick, creamy, and smooth that won't break your spoon or melt as soon as you step outside. I can't wait to check out the remaining six flavors in the very near future (tomorrow?)!

- Cassaendra

1112 Kenilworth Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

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