Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tied Up

I am still weary from my 12 hour marathon that ran last night through this morning watching Unfair (アンフェア), a Japanese detective drama that aired in 2006.

The main character is an attractive end-justifies-the-means driven female detective who is the top rated detective in the region. As expected, she has earned the ire of many in a predominantly male police force and the public appalled by her investigative approach.

When she was involved in a shooting that occurred several years earlier during a hostage situation where the man who was shot by her had killed 5 people earlier and taken 1 person hostage. Police shootings are apparently rare.  As a result of the shooting, she is mistrusted amongst her peers as a renegade, and her daughter of 5-6 years of age is bullied daily in school.

The series begins when 2 people are murdered at a park and is the start of a chain of murders. Each crime scene she approaches is conducted in an unusual manner -- she lies in the same way the victim is found to see what they last saw before they expired.

As time passes and the investigation deepens with each murder, clues left behind by the murderer creates more questions centered around "Who is unfair?"

365-85 Tied Up
Day 085/365

What is bound under the tarp? Is it a gigantic cat head -- Hello Kitty, as my stepsister remarked? My first thought, absurd as usual, was 2 gigantic people struggling to break free. :)

Hopefully, it will be obvious once it has been installed.

- Cassaendra

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