Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Flowers

The month of May introduces us to two new flavors from Lilly, a chocolatier in Tremont: Sprinkles McGee and coconut curry. As always, Frou Frou and Lime, our favorites, make their way into our selection.

365-306 Lilly May
Day 306/365

Top row:
Sprinkles McGee (triple chocolate ganache, vanilla bean, salted caramel, dark chocolate) - Coconut Curry (garam masala, hot curry, sriracha, coconut creme, milk and dark chocolate) - Frou Frou (blood orange juice, freeze dried passion fruit)

Bottom row:
Lime (lime juice, clover honey) - Oink (apple cider reduction, maple brown sugar, milk chocolate ganache, smoked bacon) - Cinnabunny (Vietnamese cinnamon, ground ginger, clover honey)

Sprinkles McGee sounds like a set-up for a "... walks into a bar" joke, doesn't it? While it is a playful piece visually and texturally from the sprinkles, the combination of dark chocolate, chocolate ganache, vanilla bean, and salted caramel has a traditional flavor, but is by no means mediocre.

Coconut Curry may seem odd for a sweet, but the garam masala and hot curry flavors are not overpowering. The heat does come through, but not to the point of needing a sip of milk; however, I enjoy spicy food. Those who are very sensitive to heat may want to consider this.

I was surprised by the complexity of Oink [what an odd sentence]. Blindfolded, I wouldn't have been able to immediately finger apple cider, smoked bacon, and maple brown sugar individually. Instead, the amalgam blended into a soft rather woodsy balance bundled in chocolate.

- Cassaendra

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