Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mad Mouth

We happened upon 5 food trucks/trailers this afternoon, of which two piqued my interest. One was a brick oven pizza trailer and the other was a gyro truck. I haven't had a gyro in a while, so that was the obvious choice for me.

365-303 Mad Mouth Classic
Day 303/365

Yeah, the onions are missing...on purpose. I believe they normally come with thin slices of red onions.

Bug and I shared the pillowy grilled pita stuffed with shaved spiced lamb and beef, saucy tzatziki, sweet tomatoes, and a few freshly cut skin-on fries for dinner. Now I've got a case of Mad Mouth -- Mad Mouth Gyro!

- Cassaendra

Mad Mouth Gyro (food truck)
Streets of Cleveland, OH
Tel: (440) 853-7732
Twitter: @MadMouthGyro

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