Saturday, May 5, 2012

Victory Cupcakes

Joining the celebration of one of Mexico's victories against the French, A Cookie and a Cupcake celebrated Cinco de Mayo early with two special cupcakes:
:: margarita - yellow cake, lime zest buttercream, and salt
:: Mexican hot chocolate - chocolate cake, cinnamon-chocolate buttercream, giant marshmallow

365-305 Margarita Mexican Hot Chocolate
Day 305/365

Each cupcake was distinct. I preferred the margarita because I am fond of yellow cake and citrus over chocolate, especially sweet chocolate. The chocolate cake was almost suffocating, too intense for me, that I gave half of my cake to Bug (I am a wimp); however, I loved the gigantic marshmallow on top. The exaggerated size made this a more playful cupcake.

While lime is typically a spritely flavor, it was rather bold in this incarnation. The sprinkle of salt added variation to the texture and flavor. Too bad margaritas, well, limes, have a seasonal connotation, as this combination would make an incredible addition to the regular line-up.

- Cassaendra

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