Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fresh Squeezed

After we bought this box of chocolates at Lilly, we discovered that they have been introducing new flavors each month for a limited time. Of course, this news is both wonderful and torturous as I will feel compelled to try out the interesting ones, the whole point of introducing new flavors.

365-300 Lilly
Day 300/365

Top row: Lime (lime juice/clover honey) - Frou Frou (blood orange juice/freeze dried passion fruit) - Boozie Suzie (Kirsch soaked cherry ganache)

Bottom row: Hot Mama (cayenne pepper/Sichuan peppercorn honey) - Forty Winks (fresh lavender ganache/candied violets) - Fresh Squeezed (lemon juice/raspberry puree)

Past favorites include Lime and Frou-Frou for their intense citrus rush that always WOWs (yes, with capital "W-O-W") us. One of the monthly flavors, Fresh Squeezed, is a beautiful gem with a sweet and tart burst of lemon and raspberry. While it is not as sensorily captivating as Frou-Frou, it comes in a close second with Lime. I will miss this flavor once April flits by.

A bite of Boozie Suzie is met first with a smooth chocolate flavor and texture, then followed soon after by a rich coating of cherry. Hot Mama has an innocuous bite that would be tolerable even for those very sensitive to heat.

I wonder what new flavors May will bring?

- Cassaendra

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