Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yet another day with hearts of palm. It's my current addiction. Few-bite sized, refreshing in its artichoke heart-like way but more substantial, they are a lovely snack and accompaniment to any salad or entree.

365-317 Palm Wrap
Day 317/365

Several days ago, Bug wanted to use up a few blocks of cream cheese we bought a month or so ago to make cheesecake, but never got around to it. What immediately came to mind was winging a spinach artichoke dip. As usual, Bug was sucked into that downward spiral of adding a bit of this, trying some of that. He went from a soup bowl, to a larger plastic container, to a mixing bowl, into a gallon sized container.

I was stunned when that container was filled and there as a heaping mound in another bowl. There are only so many bowls of chips one can eat so I began eating the dip with Crunchmaster crackers, then baby carrots. Tonight, I used it as a spread for my sandwich. It works!

After this jar of hearts of palm is scarfed down, I don't think I'll need to eat them for another year. This also goes for spinach artichoke dip. As much as I enjoyed it, I'll give it 5 years.

- Cassaendra

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Mrs. L 17 May, 2012 19:03  

Seriously? Totally laughing here. I had a salad with Hearts of Palm this past weekend and became so enamored I bought two cans of the stuff a few days ago. Plan on putting it in my salad tonight and was looking up recipes!

Cassaendra 18 May, 2012 19:58  

Hi Mrs. L,

I love hearts of palm, but have gone a bit overboard the past couple of weeks. Give me a couple weeks and I'll miss it and convince (heh) myself I need two more humongous jars. What have you seen with hearts of palm that look good?

Mrs. L 25 May, 2012 15:51  

Hearts of Palm with Radish Coins and Shrimp. A little appetizer that looked brilliant to serve to guests!

Cassaendra 26 May, 2012 22:14  

Yes (looked it up), that looks beautiful and perfect for the summer. Thank you!

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