Monday, May 21, 2012

Go West

Another lazy Sunday morning at a quarter past 7. The usual crowd read their newspaper and drink coffee under parasols at the corner coffee shop. Birds chitter, squirrels scamper, and cats saunter. There is something different here.

365-321 Lazy Sunday Marathon 
Day 321/365

No, not because cars aren't parked end to end like a metal caterpillar. Or even that the streets have been swept clean. While these are two rare events, there is something else.

An odd yellow sign stands in the street drawing attention to Ms and HMs. Men? Half Men? As we walk down the middle of the street, a family files out of their house spinning their noisemakers. We notice a water station and portable toilets.

Ah yes, the Cleveland marathon. According to their website, there were 40,000 registrants for the 10k, half marathon, and marathon. Within 30 minutes of taking the photograph, the first runners will have seen this same view, followed by thousands of others, turning the sleepy area into a slalom lined with rattling and frenetic cheers of friends, family, and fans.

- Cassaendra

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