Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

It's a beautiful day in these parts with ambient temperature in the 60s (°F). Of course, I prefer overcast skies and fog or rain. Instead, we have sunny, clear skies with a light cool breeze -- weather 99% of Clevelanders probably prefer, especially for those traveling to celebrate Mother's Day.

365-314 Magenta Twin Death Star
Day 314/365

Mother's Day is celebrated differently in our household because our nearest mother lives 1,200 miles away. Our routine is to send gifts a week prior and call our mothers with well-wishes. We are fortunate that our families are healthy and are deeply grateful for the sacrifices made so we may become productive and think independently.

I saw a photograph today of a sign that read, "Happy Baby Momma's Day" and laughed. You know, that similar kind of laugh when your car breaks down 10 miles from home, it's pouring, your shoe breaks 2 miles into the muddy walk, and when you finally arrive home, peeled off your drenched clothes, enjoying a warm sudsy bath, a toilet falls through the ceiling.

Well, hopefully you brought your keys with you. Anyway, happy Mother's Day!

- Cassaendra

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