Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oyster Cult

If I could safely pick mushrooms, I the farmers market is as close to foraging for fungi as I will get. Once again, I was reeled in by Scott's Fire and Ice Catering's pizza trailer.

365-323 Fire Ice Mushroom Pizza
Day 323/365

On this day, "oyster mushroom" was scribbled on their board, squeezed in as if added at the last moment. My impression was correct when we were informed the mushrooms were obtained that afternoon from a tent a few feet away.

The mushrooms were quite flavorful, cooked through while maintaining a bite. I detest onions, especially in pizza, due to its harsh flavor and jarring crunch. My onion radar failed me as I did not realize their presence until I was halfway into my first slice, when its smoky caramelized sweetness came through the fresh mozzarella and earthy mushrooms. This is a pie combination to recreate!

365-323 Fire Ice Mushroom Under
Day 323/365

Just as the last time we had their pizza, the crust was cooked beautifully; each bite met initially with a crunch, followed by a slight chew. I could eat this every day.

We polished off our meal with the "ice" portion of their menu, cantaloupe gelato, a sweet melon-y treat. I have a feeling they may not have sold very many. While the weather was beautiful to us, dressed in t-shirt and shorts, everyone around us appeared phase-shifted into autumn, bundled in sweaters, pants, and windbreakers as if it was in the 50s (°F).

365-323 Fire Ice Cantaloupe Gelato
Day 323/365

It was in the 70s (°F). Odd people.

- Cassaendra

Scott's Fire and Ice Catering (food truck)
130 West Streetsboro St
Hudson, OH 44236
Tel: (330) 329-8065

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