Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday $pirit

Stores are gearing up for the winter holiday [shopping] season.

365-158 Cleveland Low Life
 Day 158/365

Cosmic Bobbins, a pop-up store in the Tremont West Development's meeting / show room, opened last weekend and will remain open until December 23rd. More items were added to their storefront display since I last posted about them with rings, shawls, jeans, shirts, ...

365-158 Cosmic Rings
Day 158/365

Not one to celebrate the holidays, I find the retail craze this time of year to be bewildering. More puzzling, and quite obscene, are the people who are attempting to force stores to remain closed until it is convenient (for whom?) because Thanksgiving is about "turkey and football."

It is certainly not about spending the holiday with their families. Where is the decry on working New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day?

I will never understand why some people feel entitled to shove their ideals down everyone's throats by attempting to take away others' freedom to choose.

- Cassaendra

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