Sunday, February 26, 2012


I passed out at around 21:15 last night to rain with occasional gusts that rattled the windows, and woke up this morning to a surprise. Snow had fallen overnight.

365-237 Fossil
Day 237/365

Akemi was extremely happy and trotted about shoveling snow in her mouth at every opportunity.

365-237 Akemi Flake
Day 237/365 - flaky like a croissant

Even after nearly 4 years, Akemi still barks at snow shovels and plows, people with bulky coats, and large hats...basically, everyone we passed today.

365-237 Akemi Snoweater Triangle
Day 237/365 - eating snow

Odd stuff distracts her from feeding and sniffing, I suppose.

365-237 Akemi Snowpark
Day 237/365 - more infrequent shots not of the back of Akemi's head

With a mild winter and spring likely to arrive earlier than expected, Akemi and I savor every fun moment (snacking and taking pictures, respectively) before the dreadful heat of summer is upon us.  It seems Bug isn't quite as fond of the snow anymore, sighing every time Akemi eats snow and I stop to take pictures.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 27 February, 2012 16:20  

Akemi looks beautiful photographed with the snow!

Cassaendra 27 February, 2012 20:44  

Hi Mrs. L,

Akemi barks, "Thank you!" She absolutely adores it, so she looks happy and it probably shows. :)

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