Saturday, February 18, 2012


365-229 Frost Leaf
Day 229/365

Vanilla shakes are my favorite. B Spot's vanilla apple pie bacon shake hits the spot after a burger. I even enjoy the Shamrock shakes at McDonald's. Right now, I want a Frosty (malt shake) from Wendy's! :)

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Brenda Holloway 19 February, 2012 07:00  

How can someone who appreciates and cooks fine food eat at someplace like McDonald's?

Cassaendra 19 February, 2012 20:02  

LOL the last time I ate at McD I was craving their Portuguese sausage with eggs and rice for breakfast 8-ish years ago. The Portuguese sausage they use is the same as I would get at the market. :)

Bug bought me a Shamrock shake last year or the year before, after hearing me complain about missing it each year for several years. :D

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