Thursday, February 16, 2012


Behold, a Neenah Foundry grate. Out of curiosity, I looked up their website. I didn't expect it to be so cool and industrial. It's what an industrial website "should" look like, but I've noticed some companies either can't spend the money to build a nice website or don't care to. I'm in love. :)

365-227 Neenah
Day 227/365

Akemi doesn't walk on grates. I suppose there must have been something really intriguing...

365-227 Akemi Grate
Day 227/365

I'm not exactly happy that Neenah Foundry has reminded me of the song, "Buffalo Stance," by Neneh Cherry. It wasn't a particularly bad song, but it wasn't my type of music, then MTV played it like it was one of 10 songs released in the late 1980s -- song fatigue!

Speaking of fatigue...good night!

- Cassaendra

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