Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Cookie

I am a sucker for cookies and cake, but I don't eat cookies or cake as often as I'd like to. Who really does? Actually, I don't eat them very often, which is a good thing.

365-239 Chickpea Cookies
Day 239/365

Yesterday, we went to our favorite Indian restaurant, India's Cafe. Displayed on the counter were cookies made from gram flour (ground chickpea/garbanzo beans), almonds, and presumably a lot of butter.

What sets these beautiful bars apart from most cookies is its texture. Midline in texture, they are soft, dense, and somewhat pliable, not gooey nor crumbly. I don't look like a Cookie Monster poster child with flying crumbs all over my clothes when I scarf these down. A perfect cookie.

Lightly sweetened, buttery, and nutty, it is all too easy to eat several of these and not think twice about eating 100 more. Quite versatile, these treats complement spicy masala chai, as we indulged at India's Cafe, as well as floral Earl Grey tea at home. I'm sure they would go well with [soy] milk. Hmm...

When I find out the name of these cookies, I'll edit this post. 

- Cassaendra

India's Cafe
5549 Ridge Rd
Cleveland, OH 44129
Tel: (440) 842-7724

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