Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

For someone (not us). In this angle, the home reminds me of one of the housing schematics in Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), an old MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment.

365-235 Home Complete
Day 235/365

It has been interesting watching this house being built last year. The clean lines and glass are lovely. Although, with neighbors so near and its location at a corner of a well traveled street certain nights of the week, sadly, I don't foresee the inhabitants maintaining the open view.

Home Under Construction in June
In June, 2011

Wood paneling wraps around all the light green areas.While it isn't my dream home, parts of it are similar in style to one I have pictured in my head for the past 15 years. We're probably $400,000 too poor to afford this place anyway. :)

- Cassaendra

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