Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leopard and the Snowman

With clear skies, several hours after this picture was taken, the snowy lawn became a [mushy] field of green. In that time, we shopped for groceries and filled our bellies with delicious Indian food -- butter chicken, goat curry, lentil curry with ginger and coconut milk.

365-238 Akemi Happy Again
Day 238/365

Our grocery run consisted of supplies for cha gio (Vietnamese spring rolls), mabo tofu, crab rangoon, and kimbap, meals we will be making through the week. Tonight, we did a trial run and made a handful of cha gio. The recipe needs tweaking, which we will revisit in the next few days.

365-238 Ice
Day 238/365

Overnight and throughout the day, icy tendrils stretch earthbound as time dripped onward.

My plan over my lunch breaks this week is to finish up Jo Nesbo's "The Leopard." Despite having had this book for nearly a month, I prefer his latest novel over his previous, "The Snowman." I don't recall references to his previous case when I read "The Snowman," however, halfway through "The Leopard," I've already come across several references to "The Snowman."  

- Cassaendra

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