Sunday, February 19, 2012

Live Life

Akemi recognized where we were headed and began to whine anxiously, or she noticed the fire hydrant.

365-230 Steel Dog Park
Day 230/365

Since it has been fairly dry the past few days, we decided to take Akemi to the dog park. It was her first trip since last fall. There is no use taking her to any kind of park when the weather has been wet. It may seem selfish on our part, but she does not like to walk on soppy ground or mud, so she will not budge from the entrance. 

Later in the day (elsewhere)...

365-230 Akemi Owns Fence
Day 230/365 - not the dog park

Akemi doesn't wait until someone leaves the gate open. She kicks the fence down. RAWR.

- Cassaendra

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