Friday, November 23, 2007

Day I Got More Than Cookie

Oooh, my stuffed belly. I had trouble sleeping through the night because I was so full!

Bug cooked Thanksgiving (week) feast from Monday into Thursday afternoon...well, not all hours of the day and night. Ample time was spent sleeping and raiding on WoW, since we had all our groceries by the weekend.

The spread:
- stuffing
- white rice
- dirty rice
- cranberry sauce
- the best mashed potatoes I've ever eaten
- mustard greens...mmm smokey, but a little too salty
- turkey with gravy
- green bean casserole
- red velvet cake...almost all gone by Wednesday! Oops!
- sweet potato pie to the rescue

We had the fixin's and every intention, but no room left, to make:
- German potato salad
- goulash with spaetzle
- yams with marshmallows

It'll be our dinner this weekend along with the feast leftovers!

Despite all the food we have left over, I rushed out of the house this morning because I wanted to leave early for work due to the snow and didn't have time to eat breakfast at home or pack a lunch. I arrived 20 minutes early. Traffic was light, but people were driving achingly slow for the conditions as it had stopped snowing.

It was early enough to get myself a small bowl of watermelon and a refreshing bottle of Kristall lingonberry soda for breakfast. I find it satisfying sipping on lingonberry soda, looking out the window watching the fluffy snow twirl and dance by. For lunch, I had a roast beef sandwich from Subway and a bowl of vegetable soup.

Ugh, my aching tummy! I'm stuffed all over again!

- Cassaendra

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