Monday, July 2, 2012

Simple Concept?

With the Independence Day holiday coming up, I'm astonished how quickly time flies. I am most certainly getting old when a month feels like a week. Does time need to be consumed this quickly?

When I am not so busy running every day (toward what?), I turn back to see the changes over the past 10, 20, 30 years. It is incredible what technological leaps have taken place. A ripple in one part of the world can be felt in seconds instead of days or weeks.

365-364 Flags Offset
Day 364/365

However, as humans, I can't help but think we're degenerating. We have little patience to listen to one another, understand others, cherish and savor our lives. Personal correspondences, face-to-face and handwritten, are the exception. Email and anonymity are the rule. I am a part of the problem.

In America, it feels as if our freedoms are being chipped away for a false sense of security and individual entitlement. Someone is offended; another law is created. I find it amusing how we enjoy undermining ourselves. To use a moderately known expression that Bug has been using of late to describe our political climate, we seem to thrive on "cutting off [our] nose to spite [our] face."

If everyone were open-minded, respectful, and patient, this life we share would be better. Simple concept?

- Cassaendra

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