Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Teeth

My best friend drove several hours out of his way to spend some time with us recently. We ate and ate and ate and ate!  I feel full thinking about it, or it's the leftover Korean dinner we shared two nights ago that I ate half an hour ago.

365-297 SoHo Wall
Day 297/365

After our Korean dinner, we did a bit of sightseeing for a few hours then had a hankering for dessert. With so many options, I thought SoHo would be a nice place. While they have a short list of desserts, I was pleased with the food and service during our last visit earlier in the month.

We decided to order one of each dessert on the menu to share: banana beignets, pecan pie, and dark chocolate torte.  I ordered a bottle of Hank's vanilla cream soda.

365-297 SoHo Hanks
Day 297/365

We all savored the vanilla goodness of the soda -- sweet with a generous punch of vanilla. I can't go back to regular cream soda after this bottle. What I have had up until this point seems like diluted 4th generation photocopies.

Presentation aside, the pecan pie with bourbon ice cream was just as good as the last time. The filling was firm, pecan-filled, and not cloying. I wonder if molasses was used as a sweetener?

365-297 SoHo Pecan
Day 297/365

When I have my own home, no bills, and nothing else to buy in the kitchen (I'll probably never get past #1), I would like an ice cream maker to make my own bourbon ice cream, maccha ice cream, pistachio rose water ice cream, ... 

Next dessert on deck: dark chocolate torte. Drizzled with a sweet, yet slightly tart blackberry preserves and a scoop of cream cheese, each smooth bite of the intensely dark chocolate enveloped me in profound pleasure.

365-297 SoHo Chocolate Torte
Day 297/365

This would be a difficult dessert to finish alone, especially after a dinner here, due to its density and richness. It is perfect to share between three people.

On the flipside, the beignets were warm, fluffy wisps of fried banana dough accompanied with caramel, vanilla creme, and strawberry sauces. Of the three, I preferred the strawberry and vanilla creme; however, the puffs were wonderful on their own that we requested another order.

365-297 SoHo Beignet
Day 297/365

Since we had a few hours for our dinner to settle, we were able to consume what we did. We should have scaled it back to sharing one dessert, health-wise, but I can't justify taking up a large table at a restaurant for over an hour sharing just one dessert. When we walked in, I felt bad mentioning we were there for dessert only.

We never felt rushed to leave and, actually, felt relaxed during our time there. Misty was our gracious server again. We look forward to seeing her and this mural again!

- Cassaendra

1889 W 25th St
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: 216 298-9090

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