Friday, April 13, 2012

Simply Red

Should this dish be filed under Chinese because the noodles are wonton? Or American because the concoction was created in America? I doubt a Chinese person or an American person would want to claim this messy dish. I wanted to devour some wonton noodles NOW.

365-285 Messy but Filling
Day 285/365

One thing I learned tonight is that slacking off reading the ingredients list may lead to mysterious results. As I was about to serve these noodles, I noticed the bottom half of the noodles in the pan was red. I wondered if something was wrong with these noodles, as I've never bought these wonton noodles before. Was it the red peppers?  They have never had their red rub off to cause surrounding food to discolor. It surely wasn't the mushrooms, the green and orange bird's eye chili peppers, or the macadamia nuts.

I pondered on the seasonings used -- sweet curry, garlic and onion powders, smoked salt. Nothing red there. The sauce was made with shoyu, chardonnay, sesame oil, grated and minced ginger, and dried shrimp. Nothing unusual there. I didn't use the usual suspects: ketchup, cayenne, sriracha.

As I emptied the dried shrimp into a small bag from its original packaging that was just opened, I noticed one of the ingredients -- strawberry dye. Hah. We use beetles to color strawberry drinks, and strawberries to color shrimp. I suppose the ingredient could have been mistranslated. *shrug* Case closed.

Regardless, it satisfied my wonton noodle craving. I suppose that's all that counts, since I don't cook for a living and it isn't poiso...*ack...cough* :)

- Cassaendra

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