Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tulips and

These tulips grow right across the street from a school. It's amazing they still look beautiful; that is, in one piece. I do not expect very much from adults with regard to respect for public property, and even less of children. Good to see evidence of respectful humans.

365-277 Tulips
Day 277/365

When I took a picture of the purple flowers beside Loop (coffee shop), I wondered if they were lavender - even though they aren't even close to being in season. I've never really looked at lavender in person to be able to identify their petals and leaves. I have a pouch of dried lavender flowers for cooking, but they look like light purple rye seeds so they don't really help me identify petals.

365-278 Meadow Sage maybe
Day 278/365

Looking up purple flowers online, there are quite a few purple flowering plants. Even though the leaves don't look quite right, are these meadow sage plants?  I wonder if Loop reused their coffee grounds to grow these?

- Cassaendra

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