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Bug and I recently paid a visit to Lilly, a handmade chocolate and spirits boutique in Tremont. Having recently absorbed the space next door, the store appears even more spacious with its open design and long, parallel slats of hardwood. I didn't tote my camera to the store so you'll have to check the beautiful space out for yourself.

Lilly Chocolates Box
Life is not

The new store smell fused with rich cocoa made for an intoxicating affair. For those who are interested in wine and beer pairings, each chocolate is described with a matching bottle.

There were many chocolates from which to choose. However, Bug was standing nearby with Akemi in his arms transmitting telepathic cheap-waves, so I selected six ($11).

Detailed descriptions of the chocolates are included in each box. The chocolates I selected are as follows:

Frou Frou: Sicilian blood orange juice, freeze dried passion fruit, white chocolate
Forty Winks: fresh lavender ganache, candied violets, dark chocolate
Cinnabunny: Vietnamese cinnamon, ground ginger, clover honey, dark chocolate

Bob: Drambuie spiked salted caramel, apple cider reduction, milk chocolate
Wild Thing: candied red onion jam, Nueskes smoked bacon, Left Hand imperial stout, milk and dark chocolate
Lime: fresh lime juice, clover honey, white chocolate

Lilly Chocolates
Top row: Frou Frou, Forty Winks, Cinnabunny
Bottom row: Bob, Wild Thing, Lime

Waves of blood orange and passion orange encapsulated in creamy white chocolate flooded my palate. Frou Frou was my favorite, followed by the citrus smooch of Lime.

The infusion of sweet onions and smoky bacon with chocolate would make most people swoon. I don't like onions, but I was intrigued. Expectedly last on my list was Wild Thing.

I also grabbed a cellophane bag of Azteka Bark ($7).

Lilly Azteka Bark
Bark with a great bite

Hearts imprinted on the bark give the impression of light-hearted innocence. Smoldering under the facade is the bitterness of dark chocolate with accents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Hawaiian black lava salt interjects with a salty crunch. As a parting thought, cayenne pepper and smoky ancho chiles linger for several seconds, allowing a moment of contemplation, then dissipates.

With the same serious, dark chocolate breath, I want to shout, while pointing to my mouth, "Frou Frou! In my mouth! Now!"

- Cassaendra

Lilly Handmade Chocolates
761 Starkweather Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 771-3333

4 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 06 April, 2011 17:15  

Bob? Chocolate named Bob? Too bad they aren't closer, cuz I'd get my Uncle Bob some Bob! Actually Bob sounds interesting with the salted caramel, I'd probably try it no matter what the name.

Cassaendra 06 April, 2011 21:36  

Hello Mrs. L,

I chuckled when I got Bob. It was the last one I picked out, equally for its name and salted caramel. I said, "...and may I have, uhh, Bob?"

It was a good bite of chocolate! :)

Michael 13 April, 2011 01:45  

Whoever thought of bacon and chocolate is so yesterday... bacon, red onions and chocolate, now you're talking!

Cassaendra 16 April, 2011 10:13  

Heya Michael,

Umm, yeah. :) You would like this since the sweet onion flavor was quite prevalent. I like ginger and chocolate together.

At Chocomize, you can customize your own chocolate at a fair price. I've been meaning to check it out for some time now. I want to order the curry-ginger-pumpkin seed dark chocolate, and white chocolate with lavender and orange peel. :)

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