Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Play Ball

It's that time of year!  The crack of wooden bats, the aroma of hot dogs...

365-276 Baseball
Day 276/365

...icy winds from the north, frost on the windshield, and everyone bundled up and huddled in the stands warming their hands on bags of warm Peterson's peanuts and hot coffee. Tomorrow is the start of baseball season in Cleveland.

A baseball laid in the grass waiting for a curious dog to pass by. Akemi snagged her prize quickly -- a leather chew toy that she couldn't crush with her jaws easily, a rolly soccer ball, and a trophy she toted for all of 3 minutes.

365-276 Akemi Play Ball
Day 276/365

Just as quickly as she claimed the ball, it was forgotten. An interesting clod of grass followed by a shower of white petals that rained from above took center stage.

- Cassaendra

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