Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tiramisu Time

Last week, a coworker mentioned going to Alesci's, an Italian grocery store, for fresh ricotta instead of purchasing paneer. At $3.00/lb, that's quite a bit of a price difference, where we have paid $8.00 for ~1/4 lb of paneer. The cost of ricotta is near the cost of making paneer at home.

365-301 Alesci's 2-Topping Pizza
Day 301/365

Instead of buying the ricotta, we bought a slice of two-topping pizza ($3.25) and a piece of tiramisu ($3.99) to share for dinner. Three bites of the pizza was enough for me. While this may be authentic pizza, I do not feel the need to buy another slice, not because it had been sitting on the counter for some time, super doughy and weepy crusts are not my preference.

365-301 Alesci's Tiramisu CrossSection
Day 301/365

My feelings toward the tiramisu is quite the opposite. In one bite, the rich coffee-laden ladyfingers, sweet eggy mascarpone, and the mildly bitter dusting of cocoa were an orchestral delight. This may or may not be the ideal tiramisu, but I would serenade for more if it didn't sound like someone strangling a cat.

- Cassaendra

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