Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spicy Jack

Suggestive sales works. When I called Donatos to order two large pepperoni and Mariachi pizzas, I was greeted with: "Would you like to try our Spicy Jack pizza?" I inquired about the toppings, which included pepperoni, sausage, pepper jack cheese, and Zinger Shake.

365-271 Spicy Jack
Day 271/365

We were already in the mood for something spicy and we enjoy their pepperoni pizza, so trying this didn't take much arm twisting. The only unknown was the degree of spiciness. We knew it wasn't going to be too spicy.

One of the ingredients that sets Donatos apart is their sausage, spiced possibly with caraway or fennel and other spices, not round pieces of rubbery salty meat product. The pepper jack cheese provided a slight zing. In addition to the provolone, a pretty cheesy pie is created. I don't know what is in the Zinger Shake. While it didn't pack any heat, we didn't realistically expect it to. We scarfed this pizza, so there were only 3 pieces left for the next day (we liked it).

We always order their thin crust, a crispy but not cracker-brittle crust. It is enough dough to carry the edge-to-edge toppings with a sauce that adds a layer of flavor, acts as a tasty, not overly sweet, adhesive, and is sufficiently distributed to moisten, yet not so much to overwhelm and ooze everywhere. Their pizza is one of the best pizza chains around: tasty, consistent, and reasonably priced. 

We've tried some local chains that people have raved about like Angelo's and Romeo's Pizza. Angelo's was okay, but not worth the effort to make a return trip after 4 years. Romeo's Pizza was the worst. The pizza was cold when we arrived at their store within 10 minutes of ordering it, and the tomato sauce was mediocre -- too sweet for our palate much like Papa John's. I wouldn't eat Papa John's or Romeo's Pizza if they were offered for free. Although, at least Papa John's pizza is hot when *delivered*.

- Cassaendra

5461 Ridge Rd
Parma, OH 44129
Tel: (440) 843-6861

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