Sunday, August 28, 2011


We met up with a couple of good friends and their two children for lunch at Melt in Cleveland Heights. What a lovely lunch and day at the zoo!

They ordered the Cleveland cheesesteak melt; 2 Kindergartens (plain grilled cheese); and Wake and bacon (fried egg, bacon, American cheese). I didn't want to be that crazy lady from Cleveland, so I left the kids' sandwiches alone, as far as poking my lens in their food.

Bug ordered the chorizo and potato melt, which is simply as advertised, and includes sharp cheddar cheese. I took 2 bites of Bug's melt. While it wasn't bad, I didn't think it was memorable in the way my sandwich was. What this sandwich did was showcase their bread.

365-78 Chorizo Potato Melt
Day 078/365 - Chorizo and potato melt

My sandwich was the August sandwich special, the Magically Magnificent Flying Falafel Melt, a behemoth of a sandwich. I was extremely pleased that all of the components individually were well done, not that I didn't have confidence Melt could pull off a falafel melt. The falafel was crisp and filling with an appropriate punch of cumin.

365-78 Falafel Melt
Day 078/365 - Magically Magnificent Flying Falafel Melt

After gobbling up one-sixth of my sandwich, it dawned on me that the thinly sliced faint pink medallions were, in fact, pickled turnips and not turkey. I thought it odd that turkey would be added to this hefty sandwich and did not recall reading of its inclusion. Also, each time I took a bite, it crunched in a very unturkey-like manner.

I would have been happy as a clam at high tide eating a bowl of their falafel and pickled turnips.

While everyone was moaning from distended (full) bellies and cried, "no more!", I ordered chocolate chai bread pudding to share with everyone.

Everyone has room for dessert, right?

365-78 Chocolate Chai Bread Pudding
Day 078/365 - chocolate chai bread pudding

This concoction arrived at our table steaming with a scoop of very thick vanilla ice cream. Despite what your left brain says, this is scrumptious. The chai spices work in the same way gingerbread blends beautifully as warm bread with creamy ice cream. I would return and order this alone.

Melt is a fun place to eat as it offers sandwich combinations to suit a full range of funky to conservative moods. Service was fine during the meal and the food was well made. However, it's not an ideal place to catch up with friends. Being in high demand, business is brisk so there is a lot of pressure to push people out; at least that was how we interpreted the three thank-yous for dining with them. :P

- Cassaendra

13463 Cedar Rd
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Tel: (216) 965-0988

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