Saturday, August 13, 2011

Morning Dew

This morning, we walked a bit longer than normal to bask in the beautiful 60°F (15°C) weather.

365-63 Cool Morning at Park
Day 063/365 - Akemi

There was a spring in Akemi's step as she also enjoys cooler weather. Her favorite seasons are autumn and winter. She enjoys chasing after dry leaves in the fall and prancing in a foot of snow, which will come soon enough.

At the park, we bumped into Mika, the youngest shiba to join the neighborhood, and her dad. She came from an animal rescue that saved her from a mill. We first met Mika when she was a shy 8-week-old. She is now a feisty, ornery 18-week-old.

365-63 Playful Mika
Day 063/365 - Mika in motion

Mika is very engaging and carefree, the way puppies tend to be.

When Akemi was 8-12 weeks old, it seemed like she wanted to be with everyone but us, especially children. I don't recall when she developed into the typical shiba -- aloof and suspicious of strangers. Her suspicion never leads to aggression; however, she doesn't back down when antagonized unless we ask her to stop.

365-63 Mika Splat
Day 063/365 - Mika at rest

Mika looks very different from Akemi at almost the same age. Maybe it's the time of year. By the time Akemi was 20 weeks old, we had already gone through at least 1 major snowstorm.

Bus Gone
Akemi at 20 weeks

Akemi is a princess, but we have never bought her a jacket or boots to wear. She would have been a pupsicle if she didn't shed her soft puppy fuzz and grown into her fluffy, protective winter coat!

Enjoying the morning dew...

Morning Dew by Einstürzende Neubauten

"Morning Dew" is one of my favorite songs from Einstürzende Neubauten.

- Cassaendra

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