Monday, August 8, 2011

La Siesta

Libraries are a cool and quiet place to seek refuge from the summer rays...even for our feline friends.

365-58 La Siesta
Day 058/365

As we were waiting near the library for Akemi to do her duty, I noticed an oddly shaped lump under the car several yards away in the library's parking lot. I clicked, shushed, and manically waved my arms. My flapping did not elicit even a twitch from the comatose cat. Not normally a busybody, I grew curious and concerned the cat was dead.

As I tried to creep closer, I felt resistance from Akemi's leash. I turned around to discover Akemi amidst a small cloud of dust, scratching at the sun scorched grass, playing with a rock.

Bug stomped until he was just a few feet away from the car. (There's probably a moral somewhere here about bothering sleeping cats...) The cat lazily opened one eye, rolled from its back onto its side, and lounged, propped up on one of its elbows.

When it seemed apparent Bug wasn't a serious threat to its survival, just some peace and shuteye, the cat laid back down on its side and calmly observed us.

We shuffled away relieved the cat was just enjoying some quiet moments at the library.

- Cassaendra

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