Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hot Bacon

For decades, I detested pizza. It has only been the past few years when I've slowly stepped away from being a hater to standing within arms reach into the liker camp.

Since it was going to take Bug several hours to prepare chicken gumbo (I can't wait!!), we ordered a medium hot bacon spinach pizza ($13.95) and a dozen buffalo wings ($6.95) for dinner at Edison's Pizza Kitchen.

365-71 Hot Bacon Spinach Pizza
Day 071/365 - Hot bacon spinach pizza

While I prefer very simple thin crust pizzas, what is not to like about bacon, fresh spinach, sweet tomatoes, crushed red pepper, feta, and hot bacon dressing all on a white pizza? Nothing!

All the vegetables are fresh and laid out on the pizza with an abundance of bacon, an appropriate amount of feta, and hot bacon dressing drizzled on top creating a luscious, sweet, salty, tangy, and smoky pizza.

All these ingredients and the pizza survived the trip home without turning into a soggy mess. Had I prepared this pizza myself, it would have probably turned to soup.

The inclusion of honey packets is a wonderful bonus, whether it is to drizzle over pizza or to use as a dip for the bones (crust).

I'm still not too fond of wing pieces because it's a lot of work for a paltry amount of food. It's mostly skin and bones, and I don't prefer to eat floppy, chewy, and fatty tasting skin.

Why order a dozen wings?

365-71 Wings
Day 071/365 - Lip tingling buffalo wings

It's the lip tingling sinus clearing buffalo sauce and the carnal satisfaction of having food all over your face and fingers. Of course, I'm eating this in the privacy of my own home and not in front of Christian Bale, so it's not quite as appalling as it sounds.

- Cassaendra

Edison's Pizza Kitchen
2365 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 298-4484

4 deep thoughts:

Michael 22 August, 2011 01:43  

My mouth just watered....

Cassaendra 31 August, 2011 23:26  

Hi Michael,


I think you'd like the blend of flavors. It's fairly complex, as far as pizza goes; rather, as far as pizzas I tend to like go.

Mrs. L 01 September, 2011 15:55  

Bacon pizza? "Honey, call the travel agent, we're heading to Cleveland!"

Cassaendra 04 September, 2011 10:01  

Hello Mrs. L,

Now I just need to bring B Spot over for their vanilla bacon apple pie shake, and preschedule an appointment with a cardiologist and PCP. :)

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