Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Negative Space

I found an advertisement postcard for Asian Town Center in my belongings yesterday and looked the place up online to discover there is an Asian grocery store, Korean restaurant, Vietnamese restaurant, art gallery and studio, and other small shops within the complex.

We have passed by this structure numerous times but did not think to explore it until today.

365-80 Negative Space
Day 080/365 - Negative Space

The vast two-story space is a converted warehouse with an almost nifty vibe. A lot has been done to make the place look chic, but it's not quite there yet. I love the high ceilings and the freight elevators, but lighting needs to be improved to give the place a sharper appearance.

We stopped by Asia Food Company, the grocery store, to pick up ginger and found some deals on gobo (burdock root), fresh-baked sesame balls with lotus, mung and coconut, and azuki fillings, and oodles of noodles ranging from Mama tom yum noodle soup to Myojo chukazanmai.

Miega, a Korean restaurant, and Negative Space Gallery and Studio are upstairs past a wide spiral staircase that feels out of place. I can't wait to check out the scorpion bike up close at the gallery and try a bowl of soon dubu jjiggae or kalbi bi bim bap. And then there is Pho 99 downstairs...the choices!

- Cassaendra

Negative Space Gallery and Studio
3820 Superior Ave 2nd Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114
Tel: (216) 470-6092

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