Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bird and the Bees

The Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival was held this weekend represented by many artists, restaurants, churches, support groups, spice and organic/global textile vendors. I am glad to see the festival flourish with many in attendance.

Cleveland MetroParks Zoo brought a red tailed hawk. I'm sure after two days the handler was weary of telling the same story to each person who passed by. I inquired what their lifespan is and whether they eat carrion. She answered that in the wild, they can live 8 years feeding off live kills. There was also a large snake lady.

365-99 Red Tailed Hawk
Day 099/365

At a honey tent, there was a display of bees busily buzzing in a box. Behind the case, there were little bottles of various types of preserved bees and a very large, dead beehive that was extracted from a tree.

365-99 Beehive
Day 099/365

The food looked great; however, since we had just eaten, we did not indulge as we did last year. Along with the restaurant offerings, the aroma of seasoned gyro meat on a spit, japchae, deep fried potato balls, empanada, pierogi, and other cuisines from their respective churches were quite tantalizing!  Perhaps next year, we'll attend before eating.

- Cassaendra

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