Monday, September 5, 2011

Turbines of Your Mind

While driving eastbound along I-90 to Mentor, we noticed an unfamiliar object along the horizon, a towering turbine in Euclid. It may not appear very tall in the picture, but the topmost tip of the blade to the ground spans 443 feet!

365-86 Turbines of Your Mind
Day 086/365

Lincoln Electric paid $4.4 million of the $5.9 million total to erect the wind turbine manufactured by a German company, Kenersys. According to Lincoln Electric's website, the output is 2.5 MW which can provide power to 686 homes.

The reason why we were traveling this way was to pay a visit to Half Price Books to find out if there were any interesting books, since they were celebrating the Labor Day weekend with a 20% discount off everything in the store.  I walked out with an unused copy of The Best International Recipe from Cook's Illustrated for $12!

Bug was hankering for a burger on the way home, so we stopped at Hardee's.  Our experience from previous trips to Hardee's were impeccable.  The sandwiches we received looked better than the posters hanging on the wall with fresh vegetables and presented well.

Our trip this time around was disappointing. Service was fine, as always. The 1/3 lb burger was not as skillfully put together as our previous sandwiches, but it tasted fine. The seasoned curly fries were made to order, so they were crisp and delicious. I had no beef with our burger and fries.

365-86 Hardees Burger Curly Fries
Day 086/365 - 1/3 lb burger with seasoned curly fries

The chicken sandwich was a disaster. The lettuce and tomato were fresh, but the chicken was chewy, dry, and tough, not crisp at all. I had to clench the bun tightly, smashing the bread down, in order to keep the chicken stationary in the sandwich when I took a bite. If I didn't, the entire chicken would have pulled out of the sandwich.

365-86 Hardees Chicken Sandwich
Day 086/365 - Worst chicken sandwich ever

After two bites, I tossed the chicken sandwich in the basket and didn't want to touch it again. Fortunately, I ordered the hamburger without onions, so Bug ate half of the burger and gave the rest to me.

Despite the disappointing chicken experience at Hardee's, I was ecstatic with my book purchase and the hamburger was all right so I arrived home content.

- Cassaendra

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2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 13 September, 2011 18:21  

Around here wind turbines are quite common and have been since I was a kid. many farms have leased land for them (not unusual to see cows eating in their shadow.

Cassaendra 13 September, 2011 23:23  

Hey Mrs. L,

The further west one travels, it seems more environmentally progressive.

In Hawaii, the ones I've seen dot the horizon from afar, so prior to this, I've never been so close and personal to one. It is amazing piece of engineering.

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