Monday, September 26, 2011

Burger N Fries

The burgers at Steak N Shake are pretty decent, and for the price, phenomenal. There are several burger 'n fries combinations in the $3.99 price range. The service, on the other hand, is hit or [mostly] miss.

Bug looked through the menu and wanted to get something heftier than a regular burger so he ordered the guacamole double steakburger and fries ($4.99). The mention of chipotle weighed in pretty heavily, and the placemat MAY have helped a little.

365-107 SS Guac Steakburger
Day 107/365 - Guacamole double steakburger

I chuckled when the burger was presented at the table. With Bug holding the bun, it was an improvement. He commented that it tasted like a "burger with very little guacamole on it." The chipotle did not come through, nor did the cilantro mixed with the guac.  Extra toppings are rarely worth the additional cost.

We don't come here very often, so saying I ordered my usual is a bit awkward but true -- a double steakburger with fries ($3.99) - no onions, of course.

365-107 SS Double
Day 107/365 - Double steakburger

The smashburger was cooked as expected, lettuce and tomato were fresh, and instructions were followed (no onions); as a result, I had no complaints.  It's not a B Spot burger, but I also didn't drive 30 minutes, pay $7+ for a burger, $4 for fries, nor did I wait 45 minutes to be seated.

I am a fan of the skinny fries, probably because it's worse for you than pudgy steak fries, my least favorite type. What you don't see is the plate of mayonnaise -- my favorite condiment for fries. I like to mix mayonnaise with ketchup and a bit of yellow mustard.

Our waistline, heart, and liver are thankful the service is so poor at the area restaurants we've visited.

- Cassaendra

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