Friday, September 2, 2011


365-83 Anat Photoshop revisited
Day 083/365

We strolled across our threshold an hour ago after a pleasant dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. It is hot and humid out, which has hastened the heavy eyelids, even after a leisurely walk.

Longhorn has an outstanding dinner for two priced at $29.99. It includes a choice of salad for each person, an appetizer or dessert, and two entrees. While the selection is truncated in comparison, included in the list are dishes we normally would have ordered -- no major duds.

We ordered tossed salad, Wild West Shrimp, 7 oz sirloin, and 7 oz salmon. The tossed salad seems a lot more generous than I recall. The Wild West Shrimp appetizer was very good -- spicy, sweet, peppery lightly battered fried shrimp.

Bug ordered his sirloin medium well and shared half of his steak with me, while I shared half of my grilled salmon and pilaf.  The sirloin was prepared what I would consider well done, grey through and through. It tasted beefy and almost tangy.  I had my "flavor" after 2 bites and returned the remainder to Bug. I tend to order my steaks rare, however. The salmon was charred a little, so it had a nice smoky flavor. The pilaf was too salty.

I would have posted pictures of what we ate, but only one picture came out (my entree) as all of my pictures were taken after dusk without a tripod, with the exception of this shot of anat. taken early this afternoon. A disappointing evening as far as picture taking is concerned.

- Cassaendra

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