Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show and Tell

I was surprised to see these magnificent mounted police horses up close. The officers kindly obliged when I asked if it would be all right to take a picture. They were headed home, so I didn't want to delay them further by asking too many questions.

365-101 Mounted Police
Day 101/365

The horses were quite a bit taller than me. As I stood near the larger of the two horses, I came up to the upper thigh (horse on the right)!  With their shiny coats, they appear well loved.

When I asked if they were patrolling the area, they pointed to the park and mentioned having attended an event. I asked if it was for the farmers market. They replied that the bomb squad was at the park.


365-101 Bomb Squad AV
Day 101/365

There was a small gathering of people and an announcement of what sounded like a raffle. Of course, this behemoth stood out, sitting on the lawn in the middle of the park along with a bomb squad truck, a sheriff's car, and a gigantic German Shepard. One of the bomb squad officers spoke with us and answered my many questions.

The armored vehicle pictured has been with the Cleveland Bomb Squad for approximately 10 years, at a purchased cost of $350,000.  It is literally built like a tank, and is a pretty good deal when you consider its cost over time.

The vehicle is heated and air-conditioned. It can also drive 70 mph and navigate in water.  There is a ladder on the outside that can extend to the 2nd story to rescue someone, as well as a battering ram.

365-101 Bomb Squad AV Inside
Day 101/365

On average, the bomb squad is dispatched weekly for various dangerous situations like hostage crises, in addition to diffusing bomb threats. While I am not rooting for anyone to lose their job, it is a sorry state their services are needed so often.

- Cassaendra

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