Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Festival

When I see a banner with the words, "cultural" and "festival," I instantly think of food. The Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival took place a couple of weekends ago (Saturday - Sunday, 09/18 - 09/19/2010).

In previous years, there were tents with a handful of artists selling their work and a scant few food tents. This year there was a lot more of everything - artists, stores, organic and locally grown vegetable vendors, food vendors, and civic organizations; a festive atmosphere versus a neighborhood shindig.

Of course, I made a beeline toward the busiest area - the food corridor.

TACF No Whey
No Whey

I wasn't able to familiarize myself with several of the stands like No Whey Chocolate because they were busy, so I could not get in to snoop. Of course, when I took this picture, it didn't catch the 3 people who swooped right in after I put my camera down.

A few of the food stands were represented by churches, community organizations, and politician campaign booths, while others were area restaurants like Dish, Tremont Treats, and Grumpy's.

TACF Pizza
No pizza

I wanted to try the Greek pastries, Russian cookies, empanada, gyro, freshly made kettle corn, and, and, and... We brought $10 so I had to spend our money wisely.

TACF Original Gyro
No deniro for a gyro

While I like empanada, I wanted to try something different. The potato balls seemed intriguing and only $2. Who can say no to a cute ball of potato?

TACF Learn Quest
Potato balls and empanada

Of course, I burnt my tongue on my first bite. The potato was a little sweet and tangy. I hope this doesn't sound too insulting, but it reminded me of those McCain Smiles (no, not the Congressman) sold in the frozen food section.

TACF Beef Potato Ball
Beef potato ball

Ordinarily, I would have scarfed the beef and left Bug with the potatoes, but the opposite occurred as I bugged Bug to eat the beef so I could have the potato back.

TACF Beef Potato Ball Morsel
Beef potato morsel

When we walked through Lincoln Park after the stalls had closed for the evening on Saturday, the sign at the Korean Christian church tent posted a marinated beef platter for $5. When we returned on Sunday, the sign read bulgogi platter for $6. I felt a little ripped off.

TACF Bulgogi Plate
Bulgogi $6.00

The meal was all right. When we were seated, it reminded me of sitting at Ala Moana Park eating a plate lunch, just without the potato macaroni salad, sand, and 80 degree weather.

We didn't walk through each of the avenues. Many of the vendors who were not artists were stores that advertised fair trade items or exotic-to-Northeast-Ohio items from far flung regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America, as well as church shops that sold Russian and Greek idols and souvenirs.

TACF City Buddha
City Buddha tent

There were a number of political booths for politicians and agendas. The one that I remembered but did not stop at was the tent with a sign condemning capital punishment.

TACF Vegetables
Vegetable man in stand

TACF One World
One World stand

TACF Arts Crafts2
Chalk art

TACF St Theodosius
St Theodosius gift shop of Eastern European treasures

Aside from vendors were several tents that gave free health screenings and one from the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo. A woman was giving a presentation as we walked in to the festival area, informing the crowd of children about owls.

A cute owl

I was delighted to see the felt goods artists with their lovely cloche and purses, with Bug standing behind me with a wary eye. Above all, I enjoyed seeing the festival grow as much as it has with thousands of visitors, and the presence, as well as acceptance, of a broader variety of dishes.

- Cassaendra

3 deep thoughts:

Michael 04 October, 2010 03:55  

OMG, that picture of the man in the blue sweatshirt near the European handicrafts looks like he needed something to eat...

Mrs. L 04 October, 2010 18:54  

Love the owl!

Around here, any "festival" is almost impossible to deal with. Wait in lines for food can run 15-20 minutes. I no longer go to the Asparagus or Garlic Festivals specifically because of the crowds! (but I miss them :(

Cassaendra 05 October, 2010 23:43  

Hi Michael,

I have to say that I was surprised at how he turned out in the picture. He was a nice guy and apologized for possibly being in the photograph.

Hello Mrs. L,

The woman offered everyone to touch the owl. Wish I did. He looked soft.

I am envious that you are in the vicinity of those internationally renowned festivals, but I see your point about having to deal with unpleasant waits. :\

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